As a lifelong learner, the classroom is a place of joy for me and a space of mutual learning. I have taught since 2001, but my teaching involves many aspects of my life—from being the oldest of three siblings, mothering two daughters, and 25 years working in the industry. My overarching approach embraces a past/present/future framework. Together we recognize the past (including those that have been erased or unrecognized), acknowledge the present, and consider the impact of our work in the future. What kind of history and footprint do we create and leave behind? 

Teaching & Pedagogy

What Does a Matriarchal, Anti-Exceptional Design Future Look Like?

Presented at AICAD, Attending to Futures (Germany), and forthcoming chapter 
in Attending to Futures (ADOCS Publishers) and Feminist Designer (MIT Press)

DePaul University's Heather Quinn Uses Design Fiction to Challenge the Status Quo

Assistant Professor Heather Quinn is a graphic designer with over two decades of experience

The Differences Between Skinning and Designing with Heather Quinn

Podcast bridging the gap between academia and industry (funded by an AIGA DEC Grant)

Leveraging the Smartphone as a Creative Teaching Tool

Presentation for the AIGA Make Conference and publication in AIGA’s Dialogue Journal published by University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Teaching & Leadership Awards

Heather Snyder Quinn is the 2022 recipient for DePaul University’s Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media (Quality of Instruction Council)
DePaul University

Woman of spirit and action AWard
Nominated by DePaul students as a role model and an empowering leader. WSA is a partnership between the DePaul Women’s Network and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity
DePaul Women’s Network

Chicago AIGA Boost GRANT for the adaptive athlete initiative
Heather Quinn & Nate Matteson (faculty advisors) with DePaul’s AIGA chapter awarded the Chicago AIGA Boost Grant to work on accessibility initiative with Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships (CIRC)

Teaching Grants

Engaging Students in Design Towards Justice and Equity for All
Snyder-Quinn, H. (PI), Erete, S., Nacu, D. , DePaul University, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Grant, Chicago, IL, Autumn quarter 2021

Design Histories
Wilber, D. (PI), Rossi Garcia, L., Snyder-Quinn, H., DePaul University, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Grant, Chicago, IL, Winter quarter 2021

Curricular Alignment with Emerging Trends in the Digital Design Industry
Co-PI: Matteson, N., Snyder-Quinn, H., Zelenak, L., Quality of Instruction Council Grant, Chicago, IL, Submitted March 15, 2020


design futures
  • Design Future
  • Color Theory in Graphic Design
  • Client and Community, with Emergo UL
  • Client and Community, with Youth Jobs
  • Independent Studies (various)

  • Co-Wrote

  • Study Abroad: Patagonia, Rewilding
  • Towards Positive Design Futures
  • Study Abroad: Scandinavia, Design, Landscape, and Society
  • Study Abroad: Japan Design and Culture
  • Client and Community, Engaging Students in Design Towards Justice and Equity for All
  • Sketch Workshop
  • Meme Workshop
  • Co-Wrote

  • Interaction Design Capstone
  • UX research methods in design
  • Visual Principles for the Screen
  • Design Futures
  • Graphic Design Concept
  • Special Topics in Graphic Design, Color Theory
  • Special Topics in Graphic Design, Speculative Design
  • Special Topics, Study Abroad: Scandinavia, Design, Landscape, and Society
  • web design
  • Intro to Visual DesigN
  • Capstone 1, Capstone 
  • Advanced Typography
  • Typography in Motion
  • Portfolio DevelopmenT
  • Web Design for Commercial Project
  • Graphic Design Form
  • Photoshop WorkshoP
  • Independent Studies (various) 
  • color
  • Visual communications
  • Universal web